Faster Onboarding, Stronger Security: YourPropFirm Integrates Sumsub’s KYC Verification

YourPropFirm has introduced a significant update by integrating Sumsub’s KYC (Know Your Customer) functionalities into our prop trading firm dashboard. This integration aims to streamline the verification process, enhancing both user verification and admin control. With these updates, users can expect a more seamless and efficient verification experience, while administrators will benefit from greater oversight and management capabilities. Let’s explore the new features and their benefits in detail.

User-Focused Features

Custom Download Link for Manual Verification

Say goodbye to verification headaches! YourPropFirm now offers a custom download link within your dashboard. Simply access the link, download your personalized verification document package, and submit it back to us through your preferred channel – email, file upload, or any method that suits you best.  For an even smoother experience, you can also submit your documents directly within Sumsub (though this option might incur additional fees). This flexibility ensures a verification process that caters to your individual needs, streamlining the journey without compromising on convenience.

Verification Menu and Notifications for Users

Don’t get lost in the verification process! YourPropFirm has implemented a user-friendly guidance system for those with pending KYC status. A dedicated verification menu automatically appears in the left sidebar of your dashboard, providing clear instructions and steps to complete verification. Additionally, a persistent notification at the top bar keeps you informed of the pending status and gently reminds you to finalize the process. This proactive approach ensures you stay informed throughout, allowing you to complete verification quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Data Display Post Sumsub Submission

yourpropfirm kyc

Gone are the days of waiting in the dark! YourPropFirm now provides real-time verification tracking directly on your dashboard. Once you submit your information through Sumsub, your data and approval status are instantly displayed. This transparency allows you to easily track your progress and stay informed throughout the verification process. No more wondering about the status – you’ll be the first to know when your verification is complete.

User Access to Filled Details

YourPropFirm prioritizes both security and user control. That’s why we allow you to view and verify the details you submitted through the Sumsub WebSDK directly within your dashboard. This feature empowers you to review your information for accuracy and make any necessary corrections before final submission. By providing this level of transparency and control, you can be confident that the verification process is accurate and reflects your information correctly.

Admin-Focused Features

Enabling and Disabling KYC for Traders

YourPropFirm grants you the ability to fine-tune KYC requirements for your traders:

  • Enable/Disable KYC per Trader: Select which traders require KYC verification for access to specific features.
  • Customizable Workflow: Activate KYC functionalities only once a trader is approved, streamlining the verification process.

This streamlines trader management and enhances security.

Requiring KYC for Each Program

YourPropFirm empowers administrators to strike the perfect balance between security and user experience with our “Require KYC” toggles for each trading program:

  • Enhanced Compliance: Ensure only verified users access high-security programs by enabling the toggle.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: Allow users in the verification process to proceed with account creation for programs where KYC is disabled, minimizing delays.

Verifications List Page for Administrators

YourPropFirm empowers you to streamline your admin workflow with the new verification list page. This centralized hub simplifies verification management by offering all the essential features at your fingertips:

  • Centralized Hub: Gain a comprehensive view of all pending verifications in one place.
  • Review with Ease: Access user details, including selfies, ID documents, and other relevant information.
  • Download Efficiency: Download documents directly from the list for added convenience.
  • Direct Action: Approve or reject verifications directly, eliminating the need to switch screens.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Boost both efficiency and accuracy in your approvals with a centralized approach.

Automatic Account Creation Upon Verification Approval

Say goodbye to waiting periods! YourPropFirm now features automatic account creation. Once a user’s verification is approved, their account is automatically created, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This seamless transition from verification to active trading ensures a smooth user experience and minimizes onboarding delays. Users can start trading right away, without unnecessary waiting. This automation not only benefits users but also frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Challenge User Verification Page

Challenge User Verification Page

Forget the hassle of switching between platforms! YourPropFirm’s integration with Sumsub’s WebSDK allows you to complete your verification process entirely within your dashboard. No more navigating to external websites – everything you need is conveniently located right where you are. This seamless integration ensures a smooth and efficient verification experience. By eliminating the need to jump between platforms, we enhance user satisfaction and simplify the overall workflow. Focus on what matters and leave the verification complexities to us.

Conclusion: Unlock Seamless Onboarding and Enhanced Security

The integration of Sumsub’s KYC functionalities empowers YourPropFirm to deliver a best-in-class user experience for both traders and administrators. With a streamlined verification process, users benefit from faster onboarding and real-time progress updates. Administrators gain unparalleled control through features like KYC requirement toggles and centralized verification management. This translates to a secure, transparent, and efficient environment for all participants.

Ready to Streamline Your Prop Trading Operations?

We invite you to explore how YourPropFirm’s advanced KYC integration can benefit your business. Contact us today to discuss enabling KYC for your traders, learn more about the efficiency gains, and unlock the full potential of our secure and user-friendly platform.

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