YourPropFirm: Building Trust in Prop Trading After the MyForexFunds Scandal

myforexfunds scandal


In recent weeks, the trading community has been abuzz with news surrounding MyForexFunds, a proprietary trading firm that has come under legal scrutiny. The firm faces allegations of fraudulent activities, leading to significant concerns among traders and potential investors in the prop trading sector.

The purpose of this article is twofold. First, we aim to provide a balanced perspective on the MyForexFunds incident, separating fact from speculation. Second, we wish to highlight how YourPropFirm operates under a fundamentally different structure that prioritizes regulatory compliance, transparency, and the long-term success of our clients.

By the end of this post, we hope to ease any concerns you may have about entering the prop trading world, particularly with YourPropFirm as your chosen partner.

The MyForexFunds Incident: What Happened?

In an unsettling development, MyForexFunds has recently been subjected to legal action by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The allegations are severe, encompassing fraudulent solicitation of customers and manipulation of trading conditions. The CFTC’s complaint reveals that since November 2021, more than 135,000 customers have joined MyForexFunds’ trading program, collectively contributing over $310 million in fees.

While the gravity of these allegations cannot be understated, it is important to consider this incident as an isolated case rather than a symptom of a systemic issue within the prop trading industry. The actions of one firm should not ruin the reputation of an entire sector, especially one that operates under different regulatory frameworks and ethical standards.

It is crucial to differentiate between firms operating within the bounds of regulatory compliance and those not. The MyForexFunds case is a wake-up call but should not deter prospective traders from considering other, more reputable firms in the industry. The vast majority of prop trading firms adhere to strict regulations, maintain transparent operations, and are committed to their traders’ success and fair treatment.

Why YourPropFirm is Different

Regulatory Compliance

In the wake of the MyForexFunds incident, the question of regulatory compliance has never been more important. At YourPropFirm, we prioritize this aspect above all else. We exclusively partner with regulated, third-party brokers to ensure that trading conditions are not just optimal but also fair and transparent. This method eliminates the possibility of trade manipulation, instilling trust in our clients.

Industry Experience

Credibility is built on experience, and YourPropFirm is a testament to enduring quality and expertise with more than 7 years of experience in the prop trading sector. Our staff comprises seasoned professionals who are experts in prop trading and committed to providing exceptional support and service to our clients. This wealth of experience positions us as a reliable guide in your trading journey, ensuring that you are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the market.

Proprietary Technology

In a rapidly evolving industry, staying ahead of the curve is important. YourPropFirm has developed proprietary technology designed to optimize the launch and management of prop trading firms. This software gives our clients a competitive edge, enabling them to operate more efficiently and profitably in the prop trading market.

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of any trading strategy, and it extends to the choice of jurisdiction for establishing a prop trading firm. Even before the MyForexFunds incident, we have consistently advised against opening companies in the United States due to the stringent regulatory environment. This recommendation is part of our comprehensive risk management strategy to safeguard our clients from unforeseen legal complications.

Opportunities in the Prop Trading Space

The exit of a major player such as MyForexFunds from the market is undeniably disruptive, but it’s crucial to recognize the silver lining: the creation of new opportunities. When a giant leaves the stage, it allows other firms to grow, innovate, and capture market share. This shift is not just theoretical; it is supported by data.

google trends for prop trading and funded trading

A glance at Google Trends reveals a significant uptick in searches related to “prop trading” and “funded trading accounts” in the wake of the MyForexFunds incident. This surge in interest indicates that traders are actively seeking alternatives, and this increased level of engagement presents a fertile ground for reputable firms to establish their presence.

Additionally, changing the market share distribution doesn’t necessarily mean one party gains while another loses; it can benefit multiple parties. The exit of MyForexFunds catalyzes industry-wide introspection, encouraging firms to bolster their compliance measures and enhance their service offerings. This, in turn, improves the entire ecosystem, making it more secure and appealing to both new and seasoned traders.

In summary, while the departure of MyForexFunds may seem like a setback, it is, in reality, a significant event that offers numerous growth opportunities for firms that operate with integrity and transparency.


It is understandable that traders and potential investors might have doubts about entering the prop trading space in light of the recent events involving MyForexFunds. However, YourPropFirm operates on a fundamentally different set of principles, as explained throughout this article. We are committed to doing things “by the book,” ensuring regulatory compliance, leveraging decades of industry experience, and employing cutting-edge technology to provide a safe and profitable trading environment.

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