Why You Should Set Up Your Prop Firm in Hong Kong

Set Up Your Prop Firm in Hong Kong

Unlocking Prop Trading Opportunities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is increasingly recognized as a prime location for setting up proprietary trading firms, thanks to its favorable business environment and tax regime. The region places a high value on business privacy, with laws that protect company owner information, thereby ensuring a secure and confidential business environment. This emphasis on privacy contributes to a stable and trustworthy setting for businesses. At YourPropFirm, we highly recommend Hong Kong as one of the main destinations for establishing your prop trading firm, given these compelling reasons.

Tax Benefits and Ownership Flexibility

Hong Kong’s unique tax system offers significant advantages for prop trading firms. The territorial source principle means that only profits generated within Hong Kong are taxable. Profits earned overseas are exempt from local tax, subject to adequate justification to the Inland Revenue Department. This is particularly beneficial for prop trading companies operating predominantly outside Hong Kong, as only profits from Hong Kong stocks will be taxed.

The tax rates in Hong Kong are also highly favorable. The first HKD $2 million is taxed at only 8.25%, with a flat rate of 16.5% applied to profits beyond that. This low tax burden can significantly boost the profitability of your trading firm.

Moreover, Hong Kong is welcoming to overseas entrepreneurs, allowing them complete ownership of their enterprises registered in its territory. There is no limit to holding percentage, providing full rights to own corporates either primarily or entirely. To set up a corporation in Hong Kong, at least one person is needed, who can be both director and shareholder. Notably, directors are not required to be residents. Hong Kong also offers a moderate amount of share capital, with a minimum of 1 HKD.

Competitive Corporate Tax Rates

Hong Kong’s corporate tax rates are among the most competitive in Asia, ranging significantly lower than many other countries where corporate taxes can vary from 17% to 30%. This business-friendly environment is a key factor attracting numerous investors to Hong Kong’s “tax haven.”

Tax Exemption for Offshore Profits

Corporations established in Hong Kong can benefit from a tax exemption by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for their gains from outside the country. This exemption, known as the Offshore Claim, is granted under a letter form and can be active for up to 5 years.

Why Set Up Your Prop Firm in Hong Kong?

  • Tax Efficiency: Benefit from Hong Kong’s low tax rates and territorial tax system.
  • Regulatory Clarity: Clear and straightforward business regulations make setting up and operating a prop firm in Hong Kong simpler.
  • Ownership Flexibility: Full ownership rights for overseas entrepreneurs, with minimal share capital requirements and no residency requirement for directors.
  • Confidentiality Assurance: Hong Kong’s strong privacy laws protect business owner information, ensuring a secure and private operating environment for your prop firm.

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